Indian coin 1 anna questions

Indian coin 1 anna questions

It was subdivided into 4 paisa or 12 pies (thus there were 64.

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1939 B British Colonial India TONED 1/12 ANNA Wonderful

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NumisBids: A.H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd Auction 84, Lot 2158

India-Jammu & Kashmir, Sc #60, 1 Anna, Telegraph Tax Stamp

No Gold coins were. 1/4 Rupee and 2 Annas) and three copper coins (1/4 Anna,...

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Indian Coins Collection Eluru, I want to sell my old 1917 101 years old coin one quarter Anna.

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1936 Indian one quarter Anna (British India) size 9.75

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One Quarter Anna - India 1882 - CoinSite

Coins of King Edward VII The Edward VII series of coins of India are dated 1903-1910.Your piece is a coin minted under British rule in India and shows a Crowned Queen Victoria of England on the obverse and ONE QUARTER ANNA INDIA 1882 surrounded by a.

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Find best value and selection for your 1862 INDIA STRAITS SETTLEMENTS ONE CENT COIN search on eBay.

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Copper One Twelfth Anna Coin of Victoria Empress of Bombay Mint.Find best value and selection for your INDIA BRITISH 1 2 ANNA KM534B 1 1942 KING GEORGE VI INDIAN CURRENCY MONEY COIN search on eBay.


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Straits Settlements India Straits 1862 coin price

1-anna coin, 1818, obverse | Issued by British East India

Indian Coins: 1 Pice Brass Hole Coins 1943 -1947 | KM

Indian 20 paisa 20 paise, 1970. I have a huge collection of old indian coins listed below. 1). We have George V King Emperor 1 Anna Antique Coin.

A Coins Store has All Kinds of New Products British East India Victoria Empress 1895 Qne Quarter Anna Bikanir State Red Copper Copy Coin Can Receive The Custom,United.A copper coin formerly used in India and Pakistan. n a former Indian copper coin,. 1. anna - a former copper coin of Pakistan and India.

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All Antiques, I have sell my one quarter anna old indian coin Very rar.

India; 1/4 Anna 1942 (c) George VI BU - VCoins

In this post you can find information, history, pictures and value price of a Straits Settlements India Straits 1862 Queen Victoria coins.

What is the value of India one quarter Anna 1916?

East India company one anna,. (which was a question to Jamal Malik in the movie Slumdog Millionaire). An early East India Company half-pagoda coin.Princely States issued Half Mohur coins (equal to 7 Rupees and 8 Anna). in NX One Mohur- Indian Coin 1862 A Mohur is a gold coin.

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